Our Chapel
It is the policy of to provide full information to the public about funeral arrangements, and prices. Today, when individual attitudes require a variety of funeral service alternatives, the family will discover our itemized funeral charges to be both informative and helpful when considering service details. The General Price List will be presented to you before the discussion of any services or arrangements. Enclosed will be prices for a Traditional funeral service, Graveside services and Cremation Options.

Cathedral in architecture the Chapel offers comfort to the family that chooses to have the funeral service at our facility. With a seating capacity of over 200, the Chapel offers our families the convenience and dignity of having the service at the funeral home. Also offered for convenience to the family and guests are Personal PA's for the hearing impaired. A piano and organ are also features of the Chapel, with a raised area and pulpit for the speaker. Upon request, an accompanist and clergy can be provided by . Tapes and CD's of the family may also be used at the service upon request.